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Scripture Study Guide


In a lot of cases, people find it hard to pick up scriptures and read. Mostly because the bible starts off slow, and confusing. And they don't know where to begin. If you're interested in beginning studying scriptures, and don't know where to start, I listed here a few passages that should help give you direction as you begin.

Read through all of these. In the order that they're given. Give yourself time to think about what you're reading. There's no rush! Partner up with someone if you wish. It's better that way. But also, be sure to give yourself alone time with God.

1. Romans 1:20
– "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities – his eternal power
and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been
made, so that men are without excuse".

Invisible Qualities - The Creation of:
Planets, orbits and rotations, recurring seasons, thunder & lightning
masculine & feminine lights, seed bearing plants, procreation: creatures of
their various kinds. Emotions, Space & Time, Design, Life & Harmony!
These are all attributed to God's eternal power.

Go! Gaze into the sky. Question it! Question everything! Be amazed! You’ve been given reason enough to seek.

2. Job 38-41
When our Heavenly Father speaks to Job, He’s not only speaking to Job. He’s speaking to all of us. We too are-a-temple-of-God.
If your Father in Heaven sat at your kitchen table with you and said, "Listen, who’s responsible for . . . (any of the above attributes)?”, How would you respond? These huge questions are not only meant for Job. But both you and I as well. Job was a man of integrity, yet even he, in certain areas, needed to deepen his relationship with God. Just like the rest of us.  So don’t give up on learning about your creator. Make it first.  This way you’re not expected to answer these kinds of questions, “What kept you from me?”   & “Was it more important?”.

3. Ecclesiastes (the entire book)
Though a man with great wisdom, Solomon did many things contrary to keeping Gods Commandments. This, only to
discover a greater wisdom - Don't Do That! There's no peace, and no life down the road of disobedience. Nothing from this world can we take with us, except our will to love. We're all called to familiarize ourselves with the Law of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Ten Commandments.


Everyone is guilty of at least 3 of the ten. And life on earth is about learning that with man alone perfection is impossible. But God is perfect, and through Christ we learn toward that perfection. And through Ecclesiastes we learn that nothing we do is new under the sun.

Therefore, take comfort in what you learn through your mistakes. Forgive others of their offenses. Ask for forgiveness of yours.

4. Ten Commandments
The Ten commandments are various conditions of the heart, written on stone.
Written on stone, because the stone symbolizes a rock hard heart. And how hard it is to get to
the core of a rock. While in your alone time with God, ask Him where you are in your own heart, and how you contribute to chaos.  Sometimes we really don’t see it.

5. The Gospels (as Luke gives an orderly account, let his writings lead you as you cross reference between Matthew, Mark & John)
(Study Christ & His Teachings)


Questions to consider:
How does the heart of Christ resemble both tablets?

Does he contradict the Ten Commandments?
Is his walk a difficult one? If yes, how so?
Is he disrespectful in any way? If so, how?
Does he lie?
Is his way of thinking in error?

He says, "I want them to be where I am". One with God, In the Kingdom.

How many people would you like to see in The Kingdom of Heaven?

Spread The Word!

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